Photographs from Yosemite

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Exploring the Punchbowl

Exploring the Punchbowl, Yosemite 

The Punchbowl’s Lower Level

Looking at the Punchbowl’s lower level, Yosemite 

Side View of Punchbowl

Side view of Punchbowl, Yosemite 

Warming the Punchbowl’s Water

Punchbowl waters getting warm, Yosemite 

Girl Showering in Punchbowl

Girl Showering in Punchbowl 

Tree Line View from the Punchbowl

tree top view from punchbowl, Yosemite 

Clothes Left to Dry at the Punchbowl

Clothes left to dry at punchbowl, Yosemite