Graphics for Print

Graphics that are to be printed have different requirements than graphics that are displayed on a screen. Here are some samples of my graphics for print (modified, in this case, to be viewed on a screen).

Flyer for tamales (new)

This is one of those flyers that has tabs that can be torn off. I made cuts to ensure that tearing one off would not damage the rest of the flyer. I also trimmed the edges to give the flyer a unique look. In order to be clear on a computer screen, I made trim and cut lines visible. These lines are not visible on the printed product.

Flyer for Tamales. 

Business cards

Business Card
Eye for Detail Business Card

Business gift certificate

Business gift certificate 

Logo for a project

The restrictions for this project were use of text only and just two colors.

Great Western Council of Optometry logo

Booklet of short stories

Here are a few pages from a booklet of short stories. You can download the entire booklet here.

Booklet cover Booklet sample pages
Booklet sample pages
Booklet sample pages

Game promotion card

Game promotion card 


Game promotion banner  Good Signs Designs banner

Photo with ugly parts removed and put in a snow globe

This was designed with printing in mind but never fully converted.

Photo with ugly parts removed and put in a snow globe 

Digital “painting” of Marina Orlova

This is an example in which the printed version looks different than the one displayed on the screen. Because the original was designed for printing, this version looks a little awkward.

Digital Painting of Marina Orlova