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Web Design

If you are a small business in the Ukiah, California area, ask about a reduced cost web design package.

Website Design

I am also preparing some simple templates that could be easily adapted to your business. They are set up just to create a web presence but can be modified and expanded to meet your needs. For now, take a look at some very basic website examples:

  • Stylized Example 1. Based on trends and customer requests I came up with this example. The content is simple and the style is basic, however it does give an idea of what is possible.
    Stylized website image
  • Machine Shop Example. Sometimes just having your own website gives your customers the basic information they need While projecting a professional image.
    Machine Shop website image
  • Pet Shop. This site has little functionality but adequately demonstrates the possibilities.
    Pet Store website image

Pet Projects

Here are a few sites I created just for fun.

  • Servals Website. A little informational website. It’s pretty simple but looks nice.
    Serval website image
  • Yosemite Website. This one has features like an image that has links within it. Some animated buttons, and some really nice images.
    Yosemite website image

Today’s Special

Small businesses qualify for a low cost web design.

Side Dishes

Some software I’m familiar with typically used for some images and text for websites as well as for print include:

  • Flash
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • InDesign (mostly used for print)